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The wedding ceremony

There are two basic options:

Marriage Service at All Saints
For this you have to fulfil certain legal requirements, so that you do end up legally married. Please contact us to find out more.

Marriage Blessing at All Saints
After the legal marriage ceremony somewhere else, like the Registry Office.

You might choose this option if you are unable to meet the legal requirements for the marriage service (as above), or if for some other reason you tie the knot elsewhere.

A Marriage Blessing enables you to reaffirm your vows before God in church and to receive his blessing, in the suitably inspiring surroundings that only a church ceremony can provide.

The Wedding Ceremony


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Your first point of contact is the Parish Priest,
Currently Vacant

Please contact Mrs Jill Marshall

Telephone: York (01904) 632516

Alternatively, you can write to:

Mrs Jill Marshall.
31 North Street

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